face milling cutter and shoulder milling cutter

The features of these tools are the precise precise standards that customers get from speakers. They pay special attention to surface quality, ground geometry and cutting edge preparation. Together with various coatings, these aspects ensure that the customer who USES the tool will achieve excellent, consistent results. Extend the range of face milling cutter and […]

DHCG thread milling cutter

With DHS cutter family of cemented carbide tools, HORN will be first-class products to join its portfolio of products, used in processing of copper, graphite, aluminum, plastic, fiber reinforced plastic, hard and soft steel and titanium alloy and super alloy. Finally, the ring surface, the full radius, the double radius, the multi-edge and the roughing […]

209 and 216 systems

The internal slot is with the 209 and 216 systems The purpose of the new slotting system is to have the diameter of the internal processing hole to be greater than 16mm (system 209) and greater than 20mm 216 (system). The maximum depth of a groove is at a depth of 50 mm. It can […]

thread cutting

From the HORN of the innovative system solutions including seamless hot rolled and welded steel pipe used for pipe end tools, used to spin, stripping cone, sealing seat processing and thread cutting of apis and advanced connection. Sintered carbide is processed with CHVD – d The characteristics and contours of drilling, slotting, turning and milling […]

End mills

The geometry of the patent allows for stable chip ejection, even though there is less room for chip pockets inherent in the 3-flute training. The result is three times faster than two flute drills and three times longer. End mills A square end mill has sharp corners and needs to be between the side and […]


Exopro-ccsu is the latest quality tap series produced by OG company. It adopts advanced chip control (CC) variable lead slot design to achieve stable chip evacuation. With its most advanced geometry, this series of products can achieve good consistency, reliability and long tool life even with water-soluble coolant. The exopro – WHR – ni spiral […]