cutting material

The main difference between polycrystalline diamond cutting materials, PHCD and chvd-d is how they are made and their structure. PHCD describes a cutting material group, where diamond is burned into particles in metal matrix. Every grain is a single crystal. Because of the change of grain, different properties are produced. Chvd-d (chemical vapor deposition) is […]

tool holders

Static balance applies to tool holders = there is less than 20,000 running speed. (A) the length (A) is less than twice the diameter (D2) Dynamic balance applies to tool holders = running speed over 20,000 R.P.M. Length (A) is more than twice the diameter (D2) All single tool drilling and drilling tools should be […]

tool system

Explanation: the speed is 9500 r.p. M and 1 kg of weight G2.5 means that the axis of rotation axis of the center of gravity is allowed to be offset by 2.5 mu m. The speed of 19,000 R.P.M. is 1.25 mu m and mu m 0.625 38000 R.P.P.M. If the weight of the tool […]


The consequences Vibration caused by centrifugal force. These reasons: = main shaft bearing is damaged = mediocre surface quality = low precision = reduce tool life = noise Ask for The best working conditions must be balanced. = surface quality = production accuracy Life = tool operation = or prescribed by machine tools Manufacturer (warranty […]

milling cutter

The results. The basic features of these calculations can be found in the following pages. Select the shortest clamping fixture and the milling cutter bar to control the operation tolerance of the tool. Large cut width and long suspension reTuire Vpeci, in cutting width to achieve the best cutting effect, because of reducing cutting force. […]

Angle mills

Other additives such as copper paste are not allowed. This will have a negative impact and will produce a clamping force. All clamping screws have been coated with additives. The milling direction Most Angle mills are correct and recommend using them with crawling milling because this is generally recommended as a hard alloy tool. The […]

milling cutter

The chip Please select a smaller insert so that the chip can be evacuated and out. In order to avoid chip packaging, use appropriate processing techniques, such as slotting by step. The coolant Use the filtered coolant to transport the chip and cool the insert itself. Recommended use of 5 bar coolant pressure. The achievement […]

special CBN insert

Technical information Materials: 20 mncr5 Cutting data: Vc = 200 m/min Vf = 0.06 mm The grooves of the quenching gear Use the special CBN insert S117 to complete the width of the slot. The cutting amount is about 0.15-0.2mm. 006 ˝. ˝ 006). The insert is the final width of the groove. Both flanks […]

Casting material

Casting material Nonferrous metals and plastics Large diameter range 10 different sizes of the range from 11.9 to 140.6 mm Modular component – > 35.6 mm Precision mould manufacturing of carbide cutting tools Cemented carbide rod The sintering Instead of the ground Cemented carbide rod Direct internal cooling channels Spiral internal cooling channel The sintering […]

Face milling

chamfering Copy milling High feed processing System: DA/DA Shank and industry standard thread connection milling cutter Face milling, Plunge milling, Angle of milling, Chamfering, angulus Insert geometry, easy to cut FAHRION tool clamp system – Centro|P Farrian’s precise clamping system, which is less than 3 microns in diameter, is three times the diameter. Micron precision […]