High speed steel

There are many factors involved in keeping the accuracy of the tolerance, we will be happy to discuss with you. Please fill in the contact form for more information or questions to our experts. Please click here: Hard turning is defined as: single point cutting process of parts, hardness value over 45 Rc. However, usually, […]

milling cutting

The key difference between the superprecision turning center is: In the design. High static stiffness definition of SP precision requirements. The finite element analysis method is used for analysis. High dynamic stiffness defined by SP roundness and surface finish. Through the analysis of structural dynamic analysis method. A turret with a BMT tray for high […]

Hardinge precision

Water-soluble coolant or emulsion, free of mineral oil, is usually used when cooling is preferred to surface treatment. These oils are in the water, “soap”, so lubricating oil can contain spe additives to prevent rust. The synthetic coolant does not contain petroleum or mineral oil and is designed to deliver heat efficiently. These liquids are […]

milling cutter

It’s important to have enough inventory to produce a good chip that can take away heat,” kisnik explains. Otherwise, the tool will absorb more cutting heat. The cooler the tool, the longer it stays. In fact, the 12 toothed knives are nearly three times as long as three teeth Tools: 45 minutes vs 18. The […]


These parts of the Cambron machine, as well as the cutting of the slot, are particularly difficult at 25 horsepower (18.6 kW) Kuraki boring machines. “We use a three-flute, 0.125 inch (3.18 mm) wide slot milling cutter with a diameter of 0.697 inches (17.7mm),” Christilaw explained. Each tooth meshing is 750 RPM and 9 IPM(228 […]


These adjustments resulted in the completion of 15-20 microns, without increasing the distance between one step. “Potential outsourcing jobs are continuing, in the larger context. In Inconel BAY, mich., the $12 slotting cutter takes 19 hours. June 2014 — you know when your outsourcing provider refuses to work, you have a problem with your hands. […]


This operation will include taking out part from the current cell, moving it to the location of the new machine, and installing the new fixturing. When I combined the cost of the machine and the fixed equipment, plus the machine downtime, plus the extra labor costs, I decided to find a better solution. “We decided […]

cutting tools

Managers have a special responsibility. As role models, they actively contribute to further development of corporate policies and anchor this in corporate culture. Through the company’s environmental protection, quality and safety measures of information disclosure, as well as about the success of the implementation and problems, our goal is to motivate our staff, and credibility […]

hard turning

Lower cost Compared with traditional grinding methods, hard turning provides an opportunity to realize significant cost savings. It’s faster, shorter, more flexible, and less operational. The cost of hard stinging ultra precision CNC lathe is far lower than the cost of grinding machine. abstracts Successful hard turn, of course, depends on the whole machining system, […]

Workpiece clamp stiffness

Workpiece clamp stiffness A patented hard straight pedestal shaft is used to ensure that the workpiece is as close as possible to the spindle bearing – the maximum hardness and accuracy. Compared with a competitive working system, this greatly improves the turning process of the hard drive. Roundness is a key requirement: any protruding from […]