Plastic pipe winding wrapping machine

More information: Fhope is one of the leading companies in this field, both vertical and horizontal. Fengding machinery helps to establish a good standard in hose winding industry. Our long history and skilled workers make the best machines for all our customers. Today, Fengding machinery continues to design reliable and solid pipeline packaging machines that […]

Pipe winding wrapping line More information: The automatic packaging line is a working system which links all automatic packaging machines and related auxiliary equipment with conveying devices and has independent control devices according to the packaging process. It can make the packaged goods and packaging materials complete the whole process of packaging by each packaging machine according to […]

Pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine

More information: The horizontal winding wrapping machine is suitable for packing various slender objects. Widely used in plastic profiles, aluminum, plates, pipes and other industries. The principle is that the packaging materials rotate around the goods moving at a constant speed through the rotating arm system, and adjust the tension of the packaging materials through […]


风鼎机械:拥有不同系列的管材缠绕包装机软管线圈包装机,用于软管线圈,塑料管道包装,具有高效率和良好的包装,节省人力和材料成本。它采用包装材料作为PE膜,纸张,LLDPE,HDPE编织而成。更高的包装速度高达15秒/卷。 HDPE管,PVC管…可采用不同的解决方案.. 描述: 软管卷包装机械FPH-200主要用于软管盘管和塑料管包装,可节省材料和人工成本,并具有高效、方便的特性,特别为小型和轻型线圈卷材设计。  


智能包装线能有效的提升您的产品和公司竞争力与经济效益,可为您节省大量的劳动力。 风鼎机械包装线系列卷材包装线,是为实现从卷材取料、输送、包装、堆垛等自动化而设计的自动化包装线。 (智能缠绕包装线)   详情请咨询: 风鼎机械:,  


  风鼎机械软管包装机:适用于软管盘管和塑料管包装,可节省材料和人工成本,并具有高效、方便的特性,特别为小型和轻型线圈卷材设计。 包装机是各生产商应具备的打包机械 选择我们风鼎机械,拥有对包装行业 10 多年的了解和专业知识,本着对客户极大的服务热情,自 2014 年 成立上海风鼎机械以来,已完美解决了国内和国外众多国家与地区的许多工业项目 (管材包装效果图参考下)   参数:  FPH-200 电压(V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement) 功率(KW) 1.5 线圈内经(mm) 150-200 线圈外经(mm) 250-500 线圈宽度(mm) 30-200 线圈重量(Kg) 3-20 包装材料 LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC/ 环速度(r) 30-80 包装速度 15-35sec/pcs 重叠率 20-90% (参考视频:) 了解更多选择与需求,请联系我们。 从销售安装到后期协助,风鼎机械是您在包装机产品上的知识助手和专业伙伴。 跟多详情请联系我们或点击文章下方的链接来联系我们,了解我们的风鼎机械的详细信息。

orbital stretch wrapper


Dear Siroj, Thanks for your feedback. Hope to cooperate with you as soon as possible. About your 4 requests, response as follows: 1.About the new quotation: please check the new revised quotation in the attachment.    I changed the machine picture and gave the CIF price (VIP price) for you, 2 prices in China RMB and US Dollars. 2.About the manual instruction, please check the detailed user manual of the orbital stretch wrapper of it in the […]

Aluminum profile packing line solution discussion

Aluminum profile packing line

   我: There are two much difference between the 1 and 4 tape wrapping machines. The price offered is not higher at all. 我: Let me show you the difference: 我: 1. The conveyor in the bundling have to be separetely by install 4 tape wrapping machines. : Bro : Please kindly reduce the […]

Ceramic cutting tools

Ceramic cutting tools, such as the emerald -7 composite and wg-3300 materials of green leaves, combine with rigid, well-designed maintenance systems to find an important position in heavy turning. GL has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of heavy duty turning systems. For more than 30 years, we have provided the O.E.M. […]

Milling cutter

The ga-53025 CHVD ceramic coating grade provides excellent heat resistance and long life. Metal ceramic Use advanced 3 d modeling and CHNC manufacturing equipment engineering system, GL is one of the few cutting tool manufacturers, through the tool cutting tools inserta complete system to meet your requirements to provide solutions. Milling cutter The Hushcut two […]