milling cutter

The chip Please select a smaller insert so that the chip can be evacuated and out. In order to avoid chip packaging, use appropriate processing techniques, such as slotting by step. The coolant Use the filtered coolant to transport the chip and cool the insert itself. Recommended use of 5 bar coolant pressure. The achievement […]

special CBN insert

Technical information Materials: 20 mncr5 Cutting data: Vc = 200 m/min Vf = 0.06 mm The grooves of the quenching gear Use the special CBN insert S117 to complete the width of the slot. The cutting amount is about 0.15-0.2mm. 006 ˝. ˝ 006). The insert is the final width of the groove. Both flanks […]

Casting material

Casting material Nonferrous metals and plastics Large diameter range 10 different sizes of the range from 11.9 to 140.6 mm Modular component – > 35.6 mm Precision mould manufacturing of carbide cutting tools Cemented carbide rod The sintering Instead of the ground Cemented carbide rod Direct internal cooling channels Spiral internal cooling channel The sintering […]

Face milling

chamfering Copy milling High feed processing System: DA/DA Shank and industry standard thread connection milling cutter Face milling, Plunge milling, Angle of milling, Chamfering, angulus Insert geometry, easy to cut FAHRION tool clamp system – Centro|P Farrian’s precise clamping system, which is less than 3 microns in diameter, is three times the diameter. Micron precision […]

Milling tool

The wide choice separation solution is 0.5 mm from the slot width Holder system with DIN shanks and blade System: MH306 / MH308 / MH311 / MH116 / MH328 / MH332 / MH335 There are three and six effective dental tools: slotting The complete milling radius chamfering Drilling and milling Thread milling Face milling Diameter […]

tool system

The width of the groove is 2 mm From Ø shank diameter of 16 mm System: 264 A tool system for slotting, boring, longitudinal turning, cutting and threading of Swiss lathes External processing: slope width of 1.5mm to 3mm; Groove depth can reach 16 mm Special geometric figures for steel and brass machining System: 274 […]

DHR small – High Performance reUNK

DHR small – High Performance reUNK The world’s smallest patent rapid change reaming system is an economical and effective alternative to solid carbide reamer. 7.600 13.100 mm diameter range: Ø (Ø. 29921-51575)” DHR small greatly cut the cost of each borehole, increased productivity, and reduce the logistics cost, thanks to the simple exchange system, it […]

Modular threads die

Modular threads die The modularized tube thread (patent application) of the corner, which is available in G and G1 inches, is a basic holder and individual insert of a simple switching system. In the case of wear, all you have to do is replace the insert with the basic scaffolding, eliminating the usually needed regrind. […]


The insert support slot of 64T is 3.5mm (0.138 inch) and the largest workpiece is 65mm (2.559 in). The new EHG55 high performance coating has greatly improved the service life of the cutter, making grooves the perfect comprehensive choice for processing steel and various other materials. A new generation of ultra-small 105 The new standard, […]

Insert type SH100. 3 v geometry

Insert type SH100. 3 v geometry Funnel-shaped nozzles produce a coolant jet that supports the formation of chips and thus reduces the chance of chip formation. This internal cooling method greatly prevents the formation of cutting edges and the premature cutting. Unlike traditional cooling methods, the system has high cutting parameters and enables the tool […]