turning and milling

The g-9320 PHVD coating grades are used for high strength materials such as turning and milling of high strength alloys, titanium and stainless steel. The g-9320 is also an excellent grade for aluminum and refractory metals. This level has the ability to resist deformation and punch and requires a higher speed than g-9310. The g-9325 […]


Gem – 7 Al2O3 + TiC composite ceramics, with high roll rotation and hard alloy (up to 65 R/c) processing predictability. Slot, profile and cut-off GL provides the most comprehensive groove, anatomy and cut-off in the industry. Each application in the workshop can use this unique tool system to accommodate ceramic and carbide blades. carbide […]


The multilayer PHVD coating increases heat resistance and wear resistance, making it have an impact resistance. H-9315 should run at medium speed and run at medium speed in the application of milling and interrupts. The H-9335 multi-layer PHVD coated steel plate milling and flipping applications require additional resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. Multi-layer PHVD […]

Ceramic cutting tools

Turn the heavy Ceramic cutting tools, such as the luye gem-7 composite and wg-300 whiskers, combine with a sturdy, well-designed support system to produce a green leaf blade system. carbide GL provides a hard alloy blade from sub-micron c-1 to c-8. As a coating carbide industry pioneer, GL provides a variety of coatings, coatings and […]

The and boring

The and boring GL has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing the lathes and boring systems of various industries around the world. The CHXC series is designed to provide improved accuracy and surface finish. The design includes a self-centered, internal cooling hole, 30 ° and 130 ° spiral point geometry; An aluminum profile […]


Milling with high cutting speed. Ga – 5040 for low speed, high feed of carbon steel and alloy steel, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, cast iron, […]

Hushcut series II milling cutter

Hushcut series II milling cutter Excellent wear resistance, crater wear, thermal shock, deformation and edge formation G-915 (PHVD coating) Suitable for high temperature alloy, stainless steel, low carbon steel etc. It should be run in medium and medium to high feed Powermill milling insert Based on the concept of “balance quality” insertion, a green leaf […]

Ceramic insert

the End Mills – crash rate should not exceed. (50 mm/revolution. Each tooth is 25 mm. Shell factory – increasing recommended (less than 3 ˚). Increased feed recommended 50% x – y axis feed. the minimum diameter of the meshing meshing is 75 %. If possible, the cutting widths (WHOC) should be 60-75% of the […]


compensate radial chip when cutting width (WHOC) is less than 50% of cutting diameter. the feeding rate should not be significantly below the recommended range, or there will be premature failure. , because our side shoulder tool to cut a real 90 °, they are a good choice for a wide range of completed application. […]


Therefore, any metal cutting operation should be performed in a completely closed (shielded) environment to prevent damage from flying objects. After purchase, DPA does not bear any loss, damage or expense of any use or disposal of our products. Grinding produces harmful dust. To avoid adverse health effects, use appropriate ventilation and reading material safety […]