Plastic pipe winding wrapping machine

More information: Fhope is one of the leading companies in this field, both vertical and horizontal. Fengding machinery helps to establish a good standard in hose winding industry. Our long history and skilled workers make the best machines for all our customers. Today, Fengding machinery continues to design reliable and solid pipeline packaging machines that […]

Pipe winding wrapping line More information: The automatic packaging line is a working system which links all automatic packaging machines and related auxiliary equipment with conveying devices and has independent control devices according to the packaging process. It can make the packaged goods and packaging materials complete the whole process of packaging by each packaging machine according to […]

Pipe horizontal winding wrapping machine

More information: The horizontal winding wrapping machine is suitable for packing various slender objects. Widely used in plastic profiles, aluminum, plates, pipes and other industries. The principle is that the packaging materials rotate around the goods moving at a constant speed through the rotating arm system, and adjust the tension of the packaging materials through […]