high speed cutting speed

HSN – 1300 the latest engineering nitride cutting tool has excellent toughness and high speed cutting speed. The rotation and milling of various cast iron. HSNT – 13300 is a good choice for toughness, ductility, ductile iron and other hard iron. HSN – 23300 latest coating silicon-nitride cutting tools have excellent toughness, long knife life and excellent surface finish.

HSN – 2300 is a good choice for rotating and milling ductility, ductility, ball type and other high alloy cast-iron castings. Gem – 7 Al2O3 + TiC composite ceramics, with high roll rotation and hard alloy (up to 65 R/c) processing predictability.

The sintering Al2O3 ceramics of jingang – 19 cold-pressed sintering has been processed and processed on the basis of serious discontinuity or old machinery.

Holemill is a transposed bit that USES advanced coatings of green blades to improve speed, quieter cuts, longer tool life and reduced horsepower consumption. Insert is the square of each inserted four index (SPMT). The diameter of Holemill is 1 to 3 times the increment of 1/8.

Other hole machine

Operational information

In order to achieve the best effect of static drilling, install in the turret of green vane hole with drilling grinder, insert and parallel machine, insert the position of the insert, as shown in the figure.

Tube scarf

GL system adopts modern pipeline nested indexable inserts, greatly improving the productivity, reduce downtime, extended the tool life, shorten the tool change time, reduce the tool cost, eliminates the grinding problem again. In addition, you can expect to have better seam because each side of the insert has an exact radius.


GL provides a hard alloy blade from sub-micron c-1 to c-8. As a pioneer in the coating industry, GL provides various coatings, coatings and coatings

Performance of PVD coating. In ANSI standard geometry, carbide blades can be used to handle multi-purpose fractals in rough situations.


end mill for stainless steel

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